Well That Ends Kim Jong Il’s Dance Lessons

How the hell can I star in Chorus Line now?

Oh for crying out loud Italy, why deny the second happiest country in the world tap shoes? Seems the Italians have blocked a ship carrying high quality tap shoes from China to North Korea. That’s a breach of United Nation’s ban on sale of luxury goods to the despot Pyongyang, right there!!!.


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7 responses to “Well That Ends Kim Jong Il’s Dance Lessons

  1. it’s a good thing they caught them before they hit their shores. I heard they are developing a weapon of mass dancestruction.

    Sorry I’ll even admit that was horrible

  2. I’m so solly about that Kimmy.

  3. Julie

    They were to be used as weapons of torture …. I mean seriously, how long can you sit and listen to that tappity-tap-clunkety-tap-tippety-clonk before you want to belt the person wearing them?

  4. Fairy Face

    It would be interesting to see ‘Khaki’ leotards. Julie’s right I mean you can only take so much of that. They had a tapping thing going on in St Kilda last week and when they showed it on TV I cringed. Middle aged big women in tappers and polka dot dresses tapping their way down the pier. Really girls, get a grip.

  5. That’ll put a bit of a damper on ‘Dancing with the Dictator’…

  6. samuel welsh

    its all self love

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