Kitty 1, Man 0


Unless that little kitty was a lion cub I wouldn’t be ringing police to complain about being bitten by a kitten. Craig Wyatt was trying to tie a piece of string around the feline’s neck when meow, he got bit, so he rang the cops. When the officers arrived the poor little thing was tied to a tree and Wyatt had a puncture through his thumbnail.


Filed under Friggin Wildlife, That's Gotta Hurt

5 responses to “Kitty 1, Man 0

  1. I’d say that guy is a real pussy.

  2. I wonder who got arrested.

  3. Friggin vicious little beasts are cats !!!

    I was told by a doctor once that a cat bite is much worse than a dog’s because they have long sharp teeth like needles which penetrate deeper into the skin and the wound is more likely to become infected because their teeth are less clean than a dogs.

    [I could tell a story about that – Ggrrrrrr !!!!]

  4. Fairy Face

    Pussy whipped lol

  5. kill the cat and give the dude a band aid…problem solved…next

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