It Could Be….

OK loons, I don’t want to get you too excited because I know how easily disappointed you all can get (oh and yes, downright skeptical ) but some lounge chair lizard has found a building on Mars.Yeah now see, stop rolling your eyes. David Martines found it while searching on Google Mars the coordinates are: 71 49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W if you don’t believe him.

Psst Hmm, if anything, it does make you think if there are other life forms out there they have  incredibly bad taste in architecture too!


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9 responses to “It Could Be….

  1. OK, no golden arches so I’m ruling out a McDonalds for starters!

  2. Nice place.
    The commute looks like a friggin’ nightmare, though.

  3. My hide out revealed….no hamburgers there dear Loons…

  4. One would have to be a total idiot to believe any of this….particularly having a Yank do the talking .. thick as 2 planks really…. about 35 km to the east of the pin pointed Mc Mars store, I mean, Bio Station Alpha…are hundreds of the same kind of pixels…Frigging suburbia on Mars dear Loons… It could afcourse be a kibbutz. No? Where else would the friggin Jews go to screw things up…problem solved…next… Ps: anyone out there by the name of Levy or Goldstein? Please call home…

  5. Here I was thinking Total Recall was fiction

  6. Fairy Face

    I saw this on NINEMSN yesterday and thought “WTF another grainy friggin unidentifiable picture”. Same photographer as bigfoot.

  7. “They are coming, they are coming, they are coming” I for one hope they wear tutus and tiara’s otherwise I WILL be disappointed…

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