Easy On Condoms

Oh crap, the strings broke!

Trouble putting on a condom boys? Hmm, fear no more, a WOMAN has invented an easy-on condom that even the blind can use. María Ángeles Machuca, from Spain, has simply added two little disposable strips on either side of the condom to make the process more simpler for the nervous, flustered and blind. Well, thank god for that!


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18 responses to “Easy On Condoms

  1. What they need is the kind that a guy can buy in LARGE that actually adjusts to fit their ACTUAL size. Maybe I will invent that… off to the workshop.

  2. Right…what was I thinking… it could be like shrink wrap..then when they put it on and it gets tight they will be all- damn look how big I am the XL is a little snug…and we can be all- thats right baby you go get ’em!! I will not only be BRILLIANTLY Rich but will have inflated the ego’s of men around the world…I’m destined for sainthood!

  3. You said these things just slipped on, but when I went to buy them they said the price included the tacks.

  4. and this is how it works 😆

  5. I would have thought maybe Rep. Wiener (D-NY) would be demonstrating, via twitter of course!

  6. Does it include the banana? They cost $15 a kilo down under…. Demo should be on the real thing not some piece of fruit or a candle….what message are we sending to our snowflakes showing this kind of miss information. Sex education or agricultural school???

  7. These would make great water bombs kiddies!

  8. Hhmm, think Maria could find another use for those disposable strips 😆


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