Chooka Parker

OK, last night I decided to watch Chooka Parker on Australia’s Got Talent because everyone keeps raving about the 17 year old self taught pianist prodigy who makes up classical music compositions on the spot. Yep, the country bumpkin  has grown up without TV, a computer, mobile phone or Facebook yet has managed to teach himself to play classical music. Hmm, strange thing is, though he can read music, he never plays anyone else’s pieces . He told producers of the show there was no need for him to practice because he just makes it up and never plays the same thing twice. See what you think loons.Hmm, to me it sounded like someone who could play classical music but was making up crap on the spot but then again what would I know about classical genius prodigy shite!


Chooka Parker has a fantastic YouTube channel. Check out his new stuff. Move over classical ……..


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  1. Fairy Face

    Chooka is young and gifted in a way but he’s far for a classical pianist.
    My mother studied at Trinity College of London and has taught and played paino all her life. Chooka’s having fun and that’s the main thing but the polish and finesse of a classically trained pianist is definitely missing. If he was being ajudicated by true professionals he’d be gone that I’m sure of. Danni Minogue (and her sister Kylie) have mediocre voices but great marketing peeps. At once stage radio stations in Oz wouldn’t play the singing budgie’s songs. Mc Fadyen is ok. Kyle’s just an ape. Having said that, my father also played piano and had dance bands and big bands back in the 50 /60 and let me tell you he was far more entertaining than my classically trained mother ever was. I mean I HATED listening to her spending afternoons practicing Beethoven and Mozart when we were kids EEEEK!!. At least when dad’s bands came over to practice we could sing and dance along with their music. Will Chooka win ? I doubt it but I have no doubt that he’s definitely entertaining the masses. Go Chooka.

    • duggy dugg

      the test is if he plays recognized pieces

      • Judy

        On his new CD No Worries he has a track Variations on Fur Elise. It is the original with his own delightful twists…:)



    • tina

      oh god here we go- everyone knows that he is far from a classical pianist lol you’re stating the obvious. don’t say one word about this kid. i am self taught and i rock piano music just like he does. its ghetto and i don’t play the “correct” way but luckily i don’t give a shit and i play using the talent that many people would never be able to experience. a musician is a musician- period. just like no one wanted to buy vaan ghog’s art because he wasn’t “art material.” lol people always think so deep into it- he’s actually a phenominal piano player if YOU played you would know that.

      • fairy face

        What is it that Loon always says, “Move on nothing more to see here”.

      • Kathleen

        Hmmmmmm…it troubles me that you are so determined to prove a point…and I am not even certain what that point is…I agree with “Loon”…definitely time to move on…while we speak the same language, the term “ghetto” is very derogatory in the US…Chooka plays in a manner that some would term almost “soul music” in my country…if you have a problem with that, well, then I guess you just have a problem…perhaps it would be best to just say that with millions you have decided to disagree…hopefully agreeably…

  2. Well I am don’t know about the piano but I would need to see him shaved in a suit and at a Grand before I could ever even think he could play classical… didn’t sound classical, sounded like he needs to learn to play the real classics, master that and then become a composer and maybe write down his stuff so he can play it again… I don’t think you can call yourself “trained” if you cant play the piece more then once. just my thoughts…

    I could say I’m a great ballet dancer but if I can’t do the same routine twice I will never get a gig…(btw I cant sing or dance and they won’t take me on these shows for couch lounging)

    • M.C.

      He didn’t say he couldn’t play other pieces, he said, “What I like to do is…”

    • Kathleen

      “Shaved”…”in a suit”…you are talking about pure perception. As a Department Chair at the University of San Diego I heard many students “play” classical…at a grand piano, no less, in a beautiful theatre. Yet, there was no feeling to their music…just pounding on the keys…for that matter, how did “classical” begin in the first place…surely it was not all written down note for note,

  3. I can’t even spell prodigy without help.

  4. The first one he did was more jazzy. This one was obviously classical b/c it put me to sleep.

  5. Parts of it sounded very good to me, if a bit unstructured. If he spent some time composing and reworking things, he probably would be capable of writing some really good stuff.

  6. OMG, he is not only so talented but absolutely adorable! Thank you for posting this Loon since I never, ever watch these shows on “the telly”. His curls, accent and humble personality have made me fall in love with him. I flipped for him at first flip. I’m going to be so dissapointed if he turns out to be a fake.

    • Nope he ain’t no fake. But you might have to wait awhile …he’s only 17 🙂

      Psst He calls himself Chooka because he wanted to own a million chickens and start a farm.

    • Fairy Face

      Ah these Aussie men know the way to a woman’s heart. I’m sure you’d love to run a chook farm Lynn.

      • just join the chooks Lynn…..

      • susi spice

        oh Lynn he turned out to be a bit of a ‘anger management’ candidate haha. been in civilization maybe was a bit overwhelming for him or he got too carried away with what he thought he would do at the end of it.

      • Fairy Face

        What did we miss Susi and where have you been?

      • 🙂 I’m staying right out of this !!!

      • susi spice

        this chooka dude… when he got evicted or kicked off or voted off watever the case may be…apparently he threw a tantrum, kicked chairs and stuff in the back stage and everyone on the show was shocked at his immature reaction.. it was all over the news at the time.

      • Anonymous

        I just wanted to set the record straight over this ‘anger issue’, but wasn’t able to post under the thread. What actually happened with Chooka being upset was a very small incident and had nothing to do with being voted off. The TV made ‘allegations’ (you’ll notice) which were simply untrue! He merely was talking to one man backstage and banged on a window. That was it! Hype is everything to the media and they will happily make up stories for ratings. Put simply, Chooka was upset that they edited his Finals piece, taking the best part out of his song. No other Finalist was edited…only him, even though others went overtime longer than he did. Small issue blown out of proportion, sadly.
        He never kicked chairs, smashed windows or carried on as they stated.
        The show had a huge backlash from the public regarding this, and they even ended up asking Chooka back to perform in last year’s season as a special guest. So it’s all good. Just good to know the facts. Chooka’s Mum.

  7. Can't Play an Instrument

    the act is starting to get boring and whilst I have the fact he seemed so naive at first he days are numbered now, jack or the kid who croons will win.

  8. Wally

    It amazes me that people are judging him on the basis of being a classical pianist. He has never made such a claim, and quite clearly, he isn’t one. If he was fake, it would have been revealed by now. He is a 17 year old with a freakish, extraordinary talent to make music as he goes with incredibly rapid finger speed on the keyboard. No matter what the musical ‘experts’ and ‘purists’ say about the true quality of his music and the absence of whatevers with fancy terms that most of us don’t understand, what they don’t appreciate is that this show is about talent, and given his improvisation and the way he plays, this kid has truckloads of it.

  9. peter costello

    Hi, cant wait for his could be a bestseller wordwide.I dont know of any other person who could play the piano on the spot like chooka.It is a gift from God.

  10. Amanda

    Cool guys, Chooka is very talented! I wish I would of been that talented at 17! I think Chooka is cool because he is not afraid to be himself, so many people need to take a leaf out of he’s book 🙂

  11. Fairy Face

    How did he do Loon, I don’t really watch those shows?

  12. rm

    much of what is logged here is brain washed ape level talk. did you ever stop to think that the music you are listening to now at one time did not exist yet someone felt it, imagined it, created it and played it most likely similar in development to what Chooka is doing with his style and sound. These innovators ALWAYS bore the worst persecutions and abuse given to musicians until their style took hold of the masses ( from Rag Time, Jazz, Bee Bop to you name it) then others ie the educators and very important persons who claim we need to respect and pay them to instruct and teach us attempt to define and score the music (make it static instead of fluid) and rip the soul and heart out of it along the way but ohh don’t they know so much about music – right – give me a Chooka any day and I will feel his music and it will lift me up – give me one of those soulless authorities and I will feel nothing really at all or like shit after they are all done

  13. Fairy Face

    ISorry but I could say the same about what you wrote here. It’s neither polished nor punctuated, a bit like Chooka’s music. Now that’s not a bad thing but when you are entering a competition such as this, being judged by highly critical judges it pays to play to perfection. Chooka is definitely entertaining, appealing and Aussie but it’s all about COMPETITION. There’s a lot a stake here.

    • Fairy Face

      I think I like pianist better lol

    • judy

      Fairy Face and others, I am a huge fan of Chooka and I feel that he didnt need the show to the end, didnt need to WIN it to prove his talent (but it would have provided him with a great piggy bank to establish himself with). However, it was a great introduction to him for us by way of initial exposure. He has never said he would perform a classical piece. He said “Im just gonna play the piano, I’m just going to make it up on the spot” in the audition. In the semi final he said “I just like to let it come out of me (sic) heart and play what I feel” on his ‘mate’ his keyboard. So people please let his spirit be free to play has he wishes and refrain from trying to fit him into a box of some kind (style of music, clothing, hair included). I think would rather people appreciate his playing than concentrate on his image alone, its his gift to the world. Enjoy it for what it is hey. Cheers people

  14. Fairy Face

    That’s fine but when it’s COMPETITION TIME it has to be played to a certain standard and I for one thought he lacked certain qualities. I play the violin but I’d never get up and play what I feel and just let it come out of me because in the end it is about technique and in these competitions it’s entertainment and about the best man winning. Nobody is saying we didn’t enjoy it but we are talking about being the best to win. Let’s hope he does well but so far I haven’t heard anything more of him.
    I for one think any exposure is good and he certainly exposed himself as a piano player.

  15. Judy

    Rest assured Chooka is ok. He has never stopped appearing around Australia since that show, as well as having already produced a CD. I know I am part of his very avid fan club base in Aussie. Yes exposure was good from a cheap show like that but I dont believe that technique plays much part in the end. Jack Vidgen the young boy who one, although he has a fantastic voice, was the complete package, blonde hair, beautiful teeth, blue eyes etc. a perfect marketable product who will rake in millions in a very short time by pumping out ‘hits’, and he will do this for many people including the network who signed him, Sony music etc. I hope that there is a little bit of Jack himself left after all of that. I’d say Chooka escaped a fate worse than death by being taken off the show….but I guess it all depends on what your own aims, dreams etc. are…

  16. Fairy Face

    I don’t know Judy, me thinks that you’re just a little bit in love with Chooka, could that be right? lol

    • Kathleen

      Geez, the gal just hit the nail right on the head…and no, I am not from Australia, but Southern California, specifically San Diego, where we have that intense triangle of San Diego, Los Angeles (Hollywood) and Las Vegas. What I wouldn’t do to see a genuine Chooka play instead of all the plastic mediocrity we are served!

      • Judy

        Go Kathleen! And you are certainly more ‘qualified’ to comment on this I know that for a fact. I dont know why people have to always cut nice people down? And really when you think about COMPETITION, does that mean everyone in the comp has to conform to some invisible standard that is set by ‘everyone’? Yes Chooka did not have all the ‘qualities’ that ‘everyone’ expected but what did we expect when he said Im just gonna make it up on the spot? He entered the COMPETITION hoping to give the audience something different, I’d bet on it. Almost 3 million people, like me were totally blown away when they saw the first 5 seconds of that performance – I certainly wouldnt have expected any such thing. Anyway the people who love Chooka know him now and we can follow him and you others can just go on with your own lives. Deal? I’m done now…

    • Judy

      Ha, ha Fairy Face, Im 51 years old, happily married, grown up children but I just love music. All kinds of music, classical, heavy metal, rock, jazz etc etc. Have had a great appreciation of music, it just has to give me a good feeling and this young lad’s music somehow touched my soul very deeply. My dad had a similar gift and I loved to listen to him play when I was a child. Chookas pieces have a familiar poignant, melancholy feeling as my Dad. He was a Polish holocaust survivor and music took him away from the bad memories! Thats who I am Fairy Face 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Geez you’re not dead yet! 51 years young and you can still be a little bit in love with someone.
        I’m in love with Kevin Costner, Robert Downey Junior and Al Pacino. I’m happily married and also married to a Pole whose mum and dad survived WW2 and spent 5 years forced labour in Germany.
        I don’t think my Jan has too much to worry about. That’s who I am Judy.

  17. Fairy Face

    Lol you got that right too.

  18. Judy

    Ha, ha. Well those people you mention I assume are pretty much out of reach for you whereas I am quite close to the Parker family but I assure you my adoration (and obsession if you like) rests on the music Chooka makes. Nice talking with you, thanks for sharing you story too. Peace.

  19. Fairy Face

    No not at all, they were my in laws who lived four streets away and were the best in laws anyone could wish to have. Great folks who’d give you the shirt off their back. Always very much part of our family. I miss them madly as they have now both passed on unfortunately from smoking related illnesses. RIP nanna and grandad, Christmas and Easter and life itself have never been the same since you both passed.

  20. June Sim

    What is different about Chooka is he isn’t restricted by playing other music so can play with all of his emotions. He says his main desire is to cheer people up. He does it by going right down with the dark side then brings them up to the light – it certainly works for me! it relaxes me and puts me to sleep. I think he will go a long way once he has gatecrashed the pride of classical musicians who – to me – can be downright boring as they have to act what other people think and feel.
    He is very handsome I hope the women don’t mess him up.

    • Judy

      @JuneSim thank you for putting up what Chooka has said himself about his desire to cheer people up and the way he does it with his music! Many people here trying to say that he’s classical, he’s this genere, he’s that genre, but what he has actually said is that he does not like to confine himself to one genre but plays across all styles, taking anything and bringing the beauty out of it! These words and this ability at 17 years old! Yes remember people he’s still on 17! For goodness sake people, why can’t you just enjoy the music? Does it have to be a particular genre to enjoy it? Why can’t I or any one of us enjoy music without someone else criticising us? Chooka is very smart, very grounded and has a beautiful extended family surrounding him with love, and he also has the love of many of his fans (well he prefers to call them friends not fans because he does not want to be above them, is what he has said). He’s a really kind gentle soul, a maestro in my opinion (just watch the definitions of maestro get put here!) and I wish that armchair critics would close their mouths, open their minds and then speak! No Worries and peace everyone!

  21. Fairy Face

    Judy , nobody has said that he’s not good. Nobody has said he’s strictly classical, nobody has said he doesn’t have a following and nobody has said they didn’t enjoy his music. With shows like this on TV everyone is actually ALLOWED to become and armchair critic so get over yourself.
    By the way ” me thinks though doth protest too much” just in case you hadn’t noticed.

    • Kathleen

      There will always be “armchair critics” just as there are “Monday morning quarterbacks.” As one who has personally heard Van Cliburn, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Ramsey Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Liberace, Elton John, Allen Toussaint, etc., etc. as well as countless student pianists who banged out “classical,” I have found the young man’s ability to be as refreshing as his demeanor is humble.,,and I live at one of the intense entertainment points in the triangle of San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The problem “with shows like this” is that they rarely showcase true talent. Believe me, it is all about ratings.

  22. Fairy Face

    How I envy you seeing these old guys and I also agree it’s not about the artists, it’s all about ratings. Having said that, I guess it starts the wheels in motion for lots of entertainers.

  23. Judy

    @Fairy Face, You were the loudest critic of Chookas lack of style, technique etc to conform with some standard of competition you hold. And it was you who first mentioned that he lacked certain qualities to be a classical pianist. You obviously must make your words up on the spot but without any thinking involved.

    I will quote you to yourself for your benefit: “Chooka is young and gifted in a way but he’s far for a classical pianist. My mother studied at Trinity College of London and has taught and played paino all her life. Chooka’s having fun and that’s the main thing but the polish and finesse of a classically trained pianist is definitely missing.” Oh dear what did you say….mentioned Chookas lack of classical finesse, lack of style, lack of technique, far for (sic) a classical pianist…hmmmm. Lets look at some more….”It’s neither polished nor punctuated, a bit like Chooka’s music” hmmm true adoration for Chooka I’d agree hey Fairy Face….and more? “That’s fine but when it’s COMPETITION TIME it has to be played to a certain standard and I for one thought he lacked certain qualities”.

    You obviously have amnesia…. I was privileged enough to meet Chooka recently at his CD Launch in Victoria and so I dont really care what you say about ME Fairy Face. And dont try to cheapen my adoration of Chooka’s music by making out I’m some groupie fan who is ‘in love’ with him. I have enormous respect for him as a person and as a musician and you really dont know what you are talking about. Cheers Fairy Face

  24. Fairy Face

    Read again. I agree that I said he’s not a professional musician so get off your high horse Judy. I was answering Loon’s post actually about the “classical genius prodigy shit and making up crap on the spot”. As I said “me thinks thou doth protest too much “and I’ll say it again, he wasn’t good enough to win. I hope this time you understand . As for your adoration, well who really gives a shit?

  25. Judy

    Ha, ha I got a bite

    • Fairy Face

      FF also wrote in another post Aug 20 … Chooka is definitely entertaining, appealing and Aussie but it’s all about COMPETITION. There’s a lot a stake here.
      Well Judy It appears that you cut and post only what you feel is of nuisance value. You appear to have chosen not to select the above post but this isn’t all about Chooka and quite frankly I haven’t heard the name Chooka mentioned on TV again so looks like he’ll remain just another showman trying to scratch together a buck and as long as he has groupies like you that has to be a good thing for him.
      So as Mega says” NEXT” …..

      • Anonymous

        Hi Fairy Face,
        I just wanted to say thanks for your support of Chooka (our son). It’s great that you can see Chooka for what he is. He loves just being able to play what he feels and even though he’s had no training, he is improving all the time with his music. He has his own Youtube channel with music videos you can enjoy. He wishes to be himself more than anything, so if his music career takes off, so be it, if not, he’ll always play his feelings through his music 🙂 All the best to you!
        Kerry Parker.

  26. Judy

    For goodness sake Fairy Face what is a ‘win’ anyway? Chooka is doing exactly what he wants to be doing, right this very minute – making music, making many people (other than you) happy with his music, meeting his fans whom he calls his friends. You dont know him so you are not qualified at all to judge him….. and I think personally that its time to put this thread to rest…

  27. Judy

    And one more protest…I was not on any horse at all…I was simply quoting your own words back to you…obviously you are in denial….good night now…

  28. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not “classically trained” either but was instead a child prodigy… just sayin!!

    • Andreea

      I couldn’t have said it better. I agree that with practice comes finesse and classic trained pianists make you float when they play a classic song. But it’s not their own composition. I strongly believe that this kid will grow to be the worlds next best piano composer because he plays sounds, feelings, and his soul, not just notes. This is why new very talented composers are rare, we are all influenced by what we have already been in touch with.
      He is fun in person too, I bought his CD and asked him to sign it for me and he was quick to reply and assure me that he will sign it for me. I was very pleased with that. That CD will be worth a fortune some day, I am sure of it.
      Best regards to everyone.

      • 😀 I’m glad you posted this here Andreea to let people know who Chooka really is.
        Months have passed since I was on this page and a lot has happened since my last joust with Fairy Face, ha ha.
        In that time I have become quite close to Chooka and his family and have made a 2000km plus trek to see him perform several times, because he simply is a genius musically and as you say, such a fun person too, doing flips in the air and handing out hilarious one liners to all who challenge, ha ha. His fans absolutely adore him…
        You would know too then, that Chooka picked up an Award recently in a music competition and performed at the Sydney Opera House on 15 May. What a magical night it was for all of us there and we were very proud when he got up on the stage and made a humble and graceful acceptance speech which was directed at his devoted fans…couldn’t have happened to a better person, I say… Cheers

  29. Wow!!! Prodigy is quite an understatement. This bloke proves talent isn’t “blue-blood bred,” it just IS.

  30. julia

    funny, all this quarrelling about being taught, or about years of practicing, classical or not classical. this boy has the music in every cell of his body. He is a born composer, a born musician. i never saw someone play like that, jesus, he is music, his body is music. so cut all the paternalistic crap please…. this boy communicates through music on a deep, deep level. it’s his gift to the world. hope the sharks of the entertainment industry don’t get at him. guess he was indeed lucky not to win the show. but then again, he’s the sole owner of his music. who the hell could play like that? it would take years of practice……..

  31. Chooka plays like a tenant I had. He would play for hours all these melodies between classical and contemporary, yet he couldn’t read music. He was excellant.
    My friend and I gave him a good piano, and let him play in the garage all the time. When he had to move due to some issues, we let him take the piano with him. Marty from London Canada, would have alot of fun with Chooka Oz. They are of the same mind it seems.

    • newton43

      Julia…thank you. I hope now that the critics here can see through your words who Chooka is. The sharks won’t get him I assure you, because he has a wonderful, dedicated family surrounding him, protecting him from the negative elements of the industry.

    • newton43

      How wonderful!! :))

  32. …and it heats up again…many fine performers in the US do not even read their reviews…Chooka Parker and his family are incredible Aussies…and yes, I did travel from San Diego to Australia to see this genius play…a tour of the US may be round the bend, but who knows how long that “bend” will be…during my visit, I met absolutely delightful people in a beautiful country…so many of our performers have traveled from the US to Australia to tour and continue to do so today…I understand why now…wish that there was not so much doggone water between your country and mine…Be Proud, Australia!

    • newton43

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay here in Australia Prof. Zaworski-Burke and glad you got to meet Chooka and his family, because you have been a staunch supporter right from his audition on television! I for one AM proud of our talent and I’m proud of this young man too. He is a fine performer and I wonder how many achievements he has to accumulate before ‘some’ who do not agree, change their minds. They should take a listen to his My Jewel. He has matured so much as a person and in his musical (and indeed his musicality).

  33. newton43

    Wow, was I surprised when a comment popped up from this old thread! Just to update you this comes from Chooka’s facebook page “Wow!!…
    I almost feel to be honest that Ive transformed from a catterpillar experiencing the world from feeling it, and now I’m a butterfly gliding and understanding what I’ve learnt!
    So be prepared from some really good new material that I’m coming out with! Im really super excited about my new projects so lets do it!
    Chooka ”

    Btw, after returning from Japan recently, he just released an EP called My Jewel, available on iTunes.

    I’m still a fan, Funny Face 😀

  34. G’day Ann, I appreciate your comments and want to let you know that I’ve produced a couple of CD’s and have more to come, plus done heaps of performing 🙂 I have about 60 videos on Youtube and I’m on many different sites now. My style has changed over time, but I still play what I feel 🙂
    Btw in the comments above Judy and Newton43 are the same person.
    Cheers, Chooka

    • Ha ha ha What?? Yes Im sure she knows that Judy, Newton43, terpie5, Chookaparkerfan, madaboutpiano etc etc etc are ALL the same person. I just forget my log in details sometimes so I try until I get a match. Btw Ann Telfer Skowron, Fairy Face and Celticueen1 are also the same person, as are Chooka Parker and Kerry Parker – no crime, its ok to be different people on the internet. Its part of the post modern movement 🙂 Cheers
      PS Ann you might guess from the tone of my writing that I am no longer a fan, friend or appreciator of anything Chooka Parker does…

  35. Goon on ya Chooka, glad all is going well. I googled Red Lion and we are almost neighbours. How cool is that? You need to get some gigs here in Old Hepburn. I think you’d have this place rockin. I will check our your new stuff on Youtube and also get on ITunes tonight. Stay cool and enjoy YOUR TIME.

    ANN xx

  36. G’day Ann, thanks for that. Lol I didn’t realise you were so close.Would like to connect via address is Cheers, talk soon. Chooka

  37. From Fairy Face and a critic to Celtic Queen and loving it – You’re an idiot. Chooka’s talent is magnificent and should not be compared to anyone else’s music, genre or style. I didn’t see a mention of playing music yourself, but after reading just a couple of your comments, that was enough for me. Hmmm….. no wonder. 😉 And that is all I have to say or will ever say about that. Play on piano man – Chooka, you are amazing.

    • Beth I do, I play classical violin, not the fiddle but that’s fine too. I played in three different orchestras so how wrong you are. What’s your musical claim to fame? I think you are a little bit jealous of Chooka and I getting on so well . Green eyed monster eh lolol ….No brownie points for your little outburst missy. So we won’t be hearing from you again ? That’s good.

    • newton43

      Hey Beth, Im glad I wasn’t the only one to notice not only the name change but the change of view about Chooka’s music (oh, and look at her boasting because she is now ‘friends’ with a celebrity musician, how lucky!! I too have to come clean and take back my last comment on not supporting anything Chooka does because I still do. I DO love his music and respect him as a musician, I never stopped but because his mother Kerry continues to pursue me on the internet, calling me names and making me look like some kind of stalker, when in fact I WAS a good friend, invited into her home many times, asked advice about music business matters, and who continued to be friends with both her sons until about 2 months ago, I lost my temper and said what I said about him. I had a big falling out with her so she now follows me around the internet, using Chooka’s name to belittle me. This is not proper behaviour and I should be allowed to enjoy saying nice things about a public figure’s music, sharing events, news, pictures etc. about someone I still admire (but would never approach out of respect for the family’s wishes). I think even Fairy Face would agree that its not only fair, but also my right under Australia’s Freedom of Speech laws to share information that is in the public forum. Of course, we can disagree with what is being said and let the person know (that’s also perfectly acceptable under Freedom of Speech laws), but we shouldn’t be defaming people just because we no longer wish to be friends. Now I apologise to everyone on this thread for airing ‘dirty laundry’ that need not have been aired (yes, you too Kerry Parker) but just back off and do what is truly right for your son, by being nice to all his fans (I’m not the only one she’s had a go at for saying what she considers too much, posting too many things about him – all nice things btw), especially if you are going to post under his name (which is what many celeb musicians do anyway, so they can get on with doing what they do and love to do best – making music!!). You can’t pick and choose the fans Kerry – they all deserve to enjoy sharing and talking about their idols as much as they want to. Now Ann, I’m glad you connected with ‘Chooka’ and I hope you go over to the farm and have a cuppa with Al, Kerry, Adam and Chooka and you will see what a perfectly down to earth family they can be (in Kerry’s special room that has the most beautiful view in Victoria) and then hopefully Chooka will play some music for you on his keyboard, or his guitar or even flute, harmonica or other instruments that he is sensational at playing. Then you will truly see and believe what talent and abilities he has (and what a funny and genuinely nice guy he is, not the kind to criticise his fans at all). All the best to you Beth, Ann and everyone else here on this old thread. Judy Newton (aka madaboutpiano). PS Since finding Chooka I have reconnected with piano music in a big way and I now attend recitals and concerts every week (sometimes several times a week) so thank you Chooka too for motivating me to go out and seek great music and all the best with yours.


        Dear Gail,

        While I am writing to you I get this!! I do hope that Kerry will just ignore it. It is obvious that Judy is have a problem because no one is paying much attention to her!!

        Love, Kathy xoxoxo

      • Funnily enough his mum has never posted on here at any stage which leads me to only one conclusion……..

  38. Anonymous

    Like I mentioned, I only read a couple of the feeds. I did notice you changed your name and your original comments were critical. That was my statement. No other reasons or intentions. I am glad for any honest connection made in this world. The world needs more honesty and more music like Chooka’s. That is all. Thanks and have a great day.

  39. I did notice you changed your name and you were critical. Thus, the reason for my comment as anyone with ears to hear would know the music of which you criticized, when you were Fairy Face, is extraordinary….regardless. Like I mentioned, I didn’t read much more. I am happy for any honest connection made in this world. The world needs more honesty, more kindness and more music like Chooka’s. Have a great day.

    • Beth wrote …. And that is all I have to say or will ever say about that. Play on piano man – Chooka, you are amazing.
      So why are you back?? Yes my gravatar may have changed but we did have trouble on here a while back but nothing to do with Chooka. Everyone has known me here for years, you’ve been here ten seconds. I can and will critique who I like and don’t like and I don’t recall any scathing criticism regarding Chooka. and there was nothing mentioned about him that was offensive. Now what is your REAL issue? Not getting enough attention elsewhere?? So Beth GROW THE HELL UP !

  40. Anonymous

    Hmmm…you’re mostly all falling in the “FRIGGIN LOON” slot. Judging somebody without facts? So many years ago ppl just assumed Beethoven was completely insane. How sad was that? With as many advancements as we have now why is it so hard to accept that this boy is a legit prodigy? I believe. He is American…shouldn’t you (fellow Americans) be backing him up? So much HATE! It’s disgusting😢

    • It’s all good 🙂 Celtic Queen/Fairy Face lives close to me here in Australia and she is really supportive of me. True, some people thought Beethoven was mad, but he had a mission and achieved so much. Actually, I’ve done variations on two of his songs (Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata~ both on my Youtube channel). Just to fill you in…I’ve released 3 albums, 6 singles, more coming and currently writing for a film to be released in 2016. Thanks heaps for your support too! Chooka Parker

    • celticqueen1

      What damned planet are from?

      • celticqueen1
        Right or wrong I back you for having the right to say it. He did hit some bad cords that cut through me. Then who said I know what I’m talking about.

      • I can’t seem to leave a response on here, but I have done so much more than this! After all, this thread is about me and my music, lol. The semi finals wasn’t my favourite performance, (I don’t even have it on my own channel) by all means look up my channel and see what else I have to offer. Chooka Parker (Finalist Australia’s Got Talent).

  41. Hi Chooka, thanks for the drive by again. Great to hear from you again. Seems some people didn’t realize the post was tongue in cheek. Oh well, you have a great many fans here.

    • celticqueen1

      Good on ya Chooka we were supposed to catch up. Where’s your next gig Mate? I love the Sam Smith one. It’s on my iPod now. Well done you xx and yeah you have loads of talent.

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