Sheez, Glad I Got That Off My Chest!

OK, here’s the thing 96 year old woman, confessing to a murder you committed 65 years ago still aint going to get you into heaven! Atie Ridder-Visser wrote a letter to the mayor of Leiden in Amsterdam confessing to the murder/ assassination of Felix Gulje in 1946. Gulje was about to run for a high political post when Visser knocked on his door and shot him in the chest. Seems Visser, who was a member of a resistance group, heard rumors he was a Nazi collaborator. Hmm, boy was she wrong. Following his death it was revealed Gulje had sheltered Jews and helped hide families from the Nazis. Whoops. Dutch authorities say they will not prosecute Visser.

Want sauce with that?


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4 responses to “Sheez, Glad I Got That Off My Chest!

  1. I bet she couldn’t care if she got a life sentence at this point.

    • Fairy Face

      She was probably counting on it . Free room and board, computers, dentists and doctors all free. Killing someone with no real proof is abominable. She needs to be punished in some way or we’ll now set a precendent for all of our oldies. Geez if we ever gave them a hard time before watch out now or KABOOM!!!

  2. You know it takes BALLS to confess to Murder…. but she really pussed out if you ask me…I mean one foot in the grave hardly consititues for being ballsy… And what are we teaching our youngins if we don’t hang her?

  3. Julie

    So because she is 96, Dutch authorities feel sorry for her? WHY????

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