Dude You’re Drunk

OK, seriously loons, this is the friggin funniest drunk man you will see all day. Sheez, he’s going to wake up with more than a friggin hangover 😦


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9 responses to “Dude You’re Drunk

  1. 🙂 I had to watch every second of this gem of a flick and laughed my ass off!! Your description didn’t do this vid justice but then again how can you describe what I just saw? 🙂 Now, be honest Loon, was that Duncan? 🙂 🙂

  2. Fairy Face

    Poor bastard, your body is a temple not a themepark lol that was hysterical though, I’m with you Dunc. If I’ve had too much all I want is my bed, I
    in fact I start to crave my Doona and can feel myself in it.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk, but if I was, I’d probably never remember. This guy probably didn’t either. “How did I get home, and why am I covered with bruises?” Watch the news, dude, and you’ll find out!

  4. I can’t watch it because of copyright laws. Is that happening for everybody or just me cause I am in Europe?

  5. Drunk I wasn’t as think you I was…

  6. THIS is why Britan put in all those street cameras! Big Brother is watching! And on a side note I don’t think he’s drunk…. I think an ExtraTerrestrial took over his body and you guys are all laughing, assholes!! 🙂

  7. Julie

    I love how he tries to jog ….. DUDE … walking while you’re that drunk is difficult enough!!!

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