Nice Knickers

The new multi million dollar Franklin Courthouse in Ohio has just discovered why glass stairs aren’t a popular feature in public buildings. Um, because people down below can see right up women’s dresses and skirts.  One horrified judge is recommending that women wearing skirts or dresses use the lift and save themselves a whole lot of embarrassment due to the fact there is a busy walkway located directly underneath the see through stairs. A security guard has now been advised to be on the lookout for potential “skirt peepers”.


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13 responses to “Nice Knickers

  1. Griffin

    Men just hate it when we have our kilts on and no one looks!

  2. Or they can just spray the under part with that glass frost stuff so its opeque! But I’m no archetect!! 🙂

  3. Now I’ve gotta take a trip to Ohio, You sure do cost me a lotta money with your revelations, Loon. 😀

  4. Fairy Face

    I can’t believe they didn’t see this coming … or did they?

  5. Women should leave their clothes at the bottom of the stares….stairs.. That way there are no skirts or dresses or underwear for that matter to look up at…problem solved…next…PS I should have been an architect.

    • People in glass houses Mega….people in glass houses 🙂

    • Fairy Face

      There are so many different bodies so to speak that all plans have to go through before the work begins. Tha fact that this wasn’t an issue prior to construction is beyond me. No matter , I’m pretty sure the women who use them have their own ideas on how to fix this problem. I mean we have that here on the observation deck at The Rialto but I figured that’s to scare the hell out of everyone. Also you can’t see anything as it’s so high.

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