Well This Stinks!

Attention people, police in Fort Pierce are looking for 2 women who stole 75 sticks of Gillette and Secret deodorants from Winn-Dixie. The women were caught on surveillance video loading their purses with the deodorants before walking out of the store and driving off in a minivan.If you know who they are… ah never mind! Care factor ZERO.

Psst Hmm, now if they stole 75 sticks of dynamite !!!!


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11 responses to “Well This Stinks!

  1. That’s weird, wonder why deodorant? I mean, razors i could understand.. razors are EXPENSIVE as hell! The first chance I get, I’m gonna get laser so I dont get robbed by the damn razor companies.

  2. They probably had a coupon!

  3. Fairy Face

    They probably smell like hell.

  4. Damn, they’ve trapped a sasquatch and they’re going to shave it. This happens all the time over there. They can’t get a real man, so they think it’s cool to abuse a bigfoot. Next they’ll be plucking chubacabra feathers. It’s just not right.

  5. Julie

    If that had to happen over here, there would be no doubt they were selling it on the black market (sorry šŸ˜³ )

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