Dead Body On Roof

OK, here’s the thing minivan driver in Kansas, when you hit a man with your vehicle it’s courtesy to stop, NOT continue driving with the dead man on your roof. I’m just saying!  It is alleged Mohamed Sarrafizadeh hit the lawn mowing contractor as he was using a weed wacker along a street. The impact sent the victim flying onto the windshield and then up onto roof which had a luggage rack on top. Horrified motorists contacted police when they saw the body.  Sarrafizadeh was charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Psst It’s now been confirmed the man driving the van was a doctor!


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10 responses to “Dead Body On Roof

  1. How could they charge him with that? He didn’t actually “leave” the scene; he just brought it with him.

  2. Fairy Face

    Don’t laugh as I swear this is going to happen to me in Daylesford. There is a crossing which is so poorly marked and there are always cars parked everywhere. I never see pedestrians till I’m almost running over them. People of Daylesford take their life in theirhands when I drive through town. One day I say one day !!!

  3. Griffin

    I heard about this on my way to work yesterday and have seen this same crew working many times. This is very sad. What everyone is wondering is what did this 60 year old man think he hit? It did damage his vehicle on the front right side. Was he talking on a cell phone? So many questions to be answered.

  4. See kids? THIS is why you cannot procrastinate. I know you were going to cut up the body and feed it to the pigs/ gators/ La Brea Tar Pits after you got home, ate your Taco Bell, downloaded torrents of the last Doctor Who 2-parter (those jackasses cause trouble by making us Americans wait a week–not *our* faults) and called your best friend to come help. When we fail to plan, we plan to fail…or something like that.

  5. chuck

    Dr. Mohamed Sarrafizadeh MD, is a vascular specialist. This is the guy that hit the drove the van. He can’t be stupid.

  6. Wait didn’t we just find out a State somewhere made it law you can eat your road kill?? WELL I would say he was bringing the guy home for dinner! Convinient really he didn’t have to haul him on to the roof rack!

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