Hey Mommy, Look At My Cute Necklace

An unfortunate little snowflake had to have the big Burbank firemen hacksaw a toilet seat off her cute little head. No word yet on how the 3 year old got her noggin stuck in the child sized toilet seat but I hope her parents got photos so they can whip them out on her 21st birthday! Hmm or better yet, on Facebook!


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, How Embarrassing, Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

7 responses to “Hey Mommy, Look At My Cute Necklace

  1. Maybe it was a Disney Princess toilet seat, in which case, It makes total sense.

  2. She could have been exploring… this is why children need supervision… Mom could have at least lifted the seat for the exploration.

  3. Phew at first I thought it was a full sized toilet and had to wonder.

  4. She probably was drinking out of the toilet like the dog.

  5. gee…. a stuby holder in the making. Kill the parents… (_*_)

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