Murder Most Foul

OK Loons, this story maybe too gross for some of you, so look away if you must. James Hawkins has been sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of murdering and then dismembering his wife’s body. Hawkin’s crime was especially heinous because after he stabbed and strangled his wife to death he  forced his teenage daughter to help put her into a freezer and then  hold her mom’s head while he cut it off with a circular saw. All of his three children testified against him. The daughter also claims her dad had sexually abused her. The only one who seemed to show any sympathy for Hawkins was his mom who said she didn’t want him to die because he was her only son.


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4 responses to “Murder Most Foul

  1. I feel bad for his mom… because despite what our children do in life and how bad of a person they end up being they are still our babies and I don’t think it possible for a mom to stop loving her children even if they are sick, horrible people…

    Now that, that is out of the way…I say they start at the toes and dismember him until he dies… sadly he will most likely get the injection!

    • Franco

      Yeah, his mother must be extremely disappointed. But I think his children will be the ones suffering for the rest of their lives.

  2. He must of had a well balanced childhood… kill mom for breeding the monster…DISFunCtiONALity to the max.

  3. He gets his teenage daughter to hold her mom’s head while he chops it off with a circular saw???? He probably believed she would be a good little girl and say nothing!!! What a sick f*ck!!!

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