Dangerous Dessert

Refund at table 9!

OK, here’s the thing person preparing the dessert Bananas Foster, be really careful how much alcohol you use or it could go kaboom! Four people in Florida were hospitalized for burns after the dessert exploded at a restaurant. The flaming dish, which includes bananas, ice cream, rum and banana liqueur, obviously had way too much alcohol content and Bombe Alaska-ed itself when ignited.


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4 responses to “Dangerous Dessert

  1. And don’t use red bananas with fuses.

  2. Yummy Alcohol AND dessert! The restaurant OBVIOUSLY went to the same cooking school as I did!

  3. QueenofFractalBeauty says this is her favorite and it surely SOUNDS like I’d love it but I’ve never had one. Maybe they should just give the liqueur and rum to ME separately?

  4. Errr … was there any left? I’d like a taste if you don’t mind.

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