Customer Service Fail

Sheez, when three of Marie Callender’s Washington restaurants were notified by management that they were bankrupt, staff didn’t muck around with formalities, they immediately closed the doors despite customers still eating. Yep,  people who were still munching away on their pies on Sunday afternoon were suddenly told to get up and leave. A group of 25 who were celebrating a birthday were also forced to vacate. A spokesperson for the chain said “It is a well thought-out but a very difficult decision.”

Want sauce with that?


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9 responses to “Customer Service Fail

  1. Look, if ANYONE tried to tell me to get up and leave my pie, there would have to be blood shed I’m afraid!!!

  2. I would have taken the pie, the plate and fork the bottle of wine and the table and chairs to the street and then home… I mean they are bankrupt anyway, they don’t need them anymore… and my house could use nicer furniture! 🙂

  3. I was once in that very situation. My wife and I were halfway through our meal and told to leave. They had the incredible nerve to hand us a bill! I tore it up and we walked out.

    • Awkward. I went to restaurant years ago and the chef come out after we had finished our steaks and asked if we were alright. After we nodded he said “phew, I was worried because the steak looked a funny color” 😦

  4. Do I have a bit of pie in my teeth?

  5. “well thought-out decision” hahahahahah

  6. I can see it.
    Hell the dam bank is going to get the money anyway. Let them pick up the tab.

  7. …Where is Cheff Ramsey when you need him?… Hells bells… or …is it Kitchen?

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