Where’s My friggin Lawn?

You know what I hate? When you go away for a few days and return home to find your whole friggin front lawn stolen. I really friggin hate that. A shocked Denise Thompson said “Now my place looks like I’m a farmer who just plowed and is ready to put their seeds down,” And nope, none of the neighbors have a clue who belonged to the white truck and trailer parked outside her house while she was gone. Spooky!

Want sauce with that?


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12 responses to “Where’s My friggin Lawn?

  1. I think that some very nice lady let her doggy poop on the lawn and then cleaned it up. You know how some of these clean freaks are. What is all the fuss about it’s probably being washed and dried right now.

  2. some folk have all the luck

    wish someone would nick my lawn – I’m fed up cutting the bloody thing

  3. The white truck belonged to the neighbour..problem solved…

  4. There’s money in grass you know!

  5. I was just sooooo sick of seeing that Damn green all the time… I had to do something about it! (Don’t tell her its a surprise…when she is gone to work I am having beach sand trucked in and putting up a volleyball net!)

  6. Reminds me of that movie “fun with Dick and Jane” where Jim Carrey went out and stole people’s lawns to populate his own yard.

  7. They stole the lawn??? Unbelievable. Are you sure they didn’t chuck it up on the roof. Lawned rooves are gaining popularity. Ya just gotta watch not to get too close to the edge when mowing.

  8. You’ve got to tie those things down.

  9. Maybe it was a group of voles.

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