The Wedding Is Off!!!

OMG, shock , horror. Hugh Hefner (85) and his fiancee (25) have called it quits days before the big wedding. Hugh and Crystal Harris have announced THE WEDDING IS OFF after having a big old row. Hmm, sheez, I wonder what they were fighting over? Well, this means only one thing girls, Hugh’s back on the market, yah!

Psst Crystal Harris has moved out of the mansion and is believed to now be dating Dr Phil’s son (that’s friggin quick). How’s that working for you? Creepy, isn’t it!


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7 responses to “The Wedding Is Off!!!

  1. Maybe she met a nice 95 year-old young man…

  2. Guess Holly Madison still has a shot.

  3. it’s true then – money can’t buy love

  4. At that age he was probably mad because she wanted it more than once a year.
    Dr Phil’s son? I can see a week of specials on that one.

    “Should your son be banging a whore for her money? Dr Phil’s all this week at 3:00.”

  5. Oy Hefner sweetie…ever had a gay experience? First for everything….. No arguments, no divorce, no jealousies just plain pleasure….hmmmm…stay tuned Loons for the date of the Century.

  6. My only thought here is that Heff might be lying about his age. Isn’t he older?

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