Feeding Time At The Zoo

It’s just a glass wall between me and lunch!


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8 responses to “Feeding Time At The Zoo

  1. Feed the mother and father to her.
    Why take a change.

  2. She wasn’t trying to EAT the baby! She was trying to save the baby from idiot parenting.

  3. A caring lioness…so sweet…

  4. It’s only fun until the glass breaks.

  5. *ugh* I really hate to see animals in cages.. I just say Boo to zoos!

    • Well Lynn, I warn you do not and I repeat DO NOT go to a Thai zoo šŸ˜¦

      • You certainly don’t have to tell me that twice! We went to Chatuchak market the other day and at the first sight of an animal in a cage, I went the other direction. My heart cannot take that kind of stress!

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