Get A Grip!

A woman in Seattle has been charged with third-degree domestic violence after she allegedly squeezed her boyfriend’s balls so hard during a fight that he had to have surgery. Ouch! Hmm, want look good on your resume Jennifer Kolone.

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “Get A Grip!

  1. Boss “Are you a hard worker?”
    Jennifer “I’m a real ball buster.”
    Boss “Will you stick with a job?”
    Jennifer “When I get my hands on them I’ll squeeze it till the job is done.”
    Boss “Can you work well with men?”
    Jennifer “I can handle it, it’s never put a strain on me.”

  2. Yeah I did that once too, but he liked it so i left him. 😦

  3. What about Richard Simmons?

  4. Black Balls they never get dirty the longer you wear them the stronger they get!

    Shouldn’t fight with your girl you never know when she will put that volcan grip of death on ye ol’ nut sack… and even if you didn’t deserve it…you probably deserved it!

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