Naked People Need Health And Safety Rules Too

No one warned me about chaffing

Attention Portlanders, the police would just like to ask all the cyclist competing in the World Naked Bike Ride to wear a helmet and shoes to avoid any potential injuries. Thank you.

Psst It’s legal in portland to be naked in public, just in case you were wondering!


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12 responses to “Naked People Need Health And Safety Rules Too

  1. legal to be naked ?

    for gawd’s sake – don’t let the folks who frequent Walmart stores in Portland learn about this !!! 😯

  2. Riding a bike is one of the few things that even young, sexy people can’t pull off naked. It’s more terrifying than clowns, even.

  3. We are all naked underneath our clothes… lovely….

  4. I agree with Scott… they should change it to a naked stroll in the park or just naked day… That seat will have to be washed…twice!!

  5. This is good to hear considering all the outraged callers I heard on the Lars Larson show today. “Shouldn’t public nudity be illegal??” Guess it’s not 🙂

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