Don’t Mess With Clowns


OK, here’s the thing teen trying to rob a clown, make sure he’s not an off duty Chicago police officer or he’ll shoot you dead! The officer, who had been helping out as a clown at a children’s fundraiser was approached by a teen for money. When he said he didn’t have any, the kid pulled  gun. One thing lead to another and the clown ended up shooting the teen dead after grabbing the gun.


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10 responses to “Don’t Mess With Clowns

  1. Feck! He could have shot him in the ass, why kill the idiot?

  2. Fairy Face

    Well he could have and probably would have killed the clown. One less idiot walking the streets.

  3. This never would have happened to me because I only rob non-clown entities. Seriously. I’ve been terrified of clowns way before Stephen King made it hip.

  4. Idiot…don’t you know you pull a bottle of seltzer water out on a clown?

  5. I would have yelled: “FREEZE! And don’t try anything funny!”

  6. This will do nothing to help ease people’s fear of clowns.

  7. I’m pretty sure that is against clown etiquette! Seriously no fun at all! And he probably scared the children… He should be fired…get it fired…. oh never mind!!!

  8. Should have just squirted him with his plastic flower 😦

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