Want To Sip From A Poison Chalice?

Egads, guess what’s coming up for auction? A set of swastika etched wine glasses once owned by Adolph Hitler. It’s true, they even have his initials etched on them. It is believed the goblets were taken from Hitler’s bunker before it was destroyed. There are only 4 of them so don’t plan a big party.

Psst Ewh, to think  that Hitler may have had his lips pursed around the rims of these !


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9 responses to “Want To Sip From A Poison Chalice?

  1. linlah

    His lips and maybe a mustache hair, ugh.

  2. Fairy Face

    I don’t want the moustache hair but the glasses would make a nice gift for my brother and his partner. They both share Hitler’s birthday on the 20th April. They could have a real good old toast in these glasses.

  3. Because of who he was & what he did they should smash them to smithereens. Give the mongrel no publicity or acknowledgement whatsoever

  4. The proceeds from the sale should go to any remaining holocaust survivors.

    • Good point. At first, I was with Tony McGurk on smashing them but using that fer to help remaining survivors and their families works for me.

    • Fairy Face

      Well Sekan a few other items were auctioned recently and I think they got peanuts. Imagine being at the auction and bidding. You’d be lucky to get back to your car alive!!

  5. I’ll take a pass on these. Not my cup of tea.

  6. Imagine George W Bush goblets up for auction…That arsehole has killed more people than in all world wars combined ….. Gee …. By the way…where is this bastard? Hiding in a spa bath filled with oil?

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