And It Was Going So Well

Seems “house-arrest Lohan” has tested positive for alcohol and has now got herself a date with an LA Superior Court Judge tomorrow. Sheez, thank goodness it was only alcohol and not drugs too! Anywho, the LA County Probation Department want Lindsay’s ass in jail. Obviously not fans!


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9 responses to “And It Was Going So Well

  1. She’ll probably try the “it was cough mixture” one

  2. It totally wasn’t her … it was her manager… no her dad…no her housekeeper… People are out to get her.

  3. A shame though. As an actress, she was pretty good but her self-destructive bent is going to destroy her. She’s turning into a female version of Charlie Sheen.

  4. That girl needs to get her act together. She’s a good actress and held her own in films like “A Prairie Home Companion.” It’s too bad she can’t hold her own in real life.

  5. It’s not over yet…
    I’m guessing this latest ‘incident’ has made her a little tense…

  6. Fairy Face

    Throw the bitch in the slammer. Time to grow up lovey!

  7. But was she drinking at home?? that shouldn’t count.

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