Start Spreading the News

You can come out know!

I want to wake up in a city,
That has equality,
To find I’m king of the hill,
Head of the list,
Cream of the crop
At top of the heap.

If I can marry there,
I can marry anywhere
Come on, come through,
New York, New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday.


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11 responses to “Start Spreading the News

  1. Good news but let the law suits begin cause you know they will.

  2. More bloody weddings to attend….why don’t folks just megagetoverit……:(

  3. It is good news, but the loons (meaning the bad ones) definitely won’t take this sitting down. And I’m not sure what “megagetoverit” is, but we definitely need something better than what we’ve got.

  4. Oh, I forgot to say how much I love that skeleton in the closet pic!

  5. First we freed slaves, now this?
    Conservatives are really slipping.

  6. In OUR future thinking & practices: No racism ALLOWED! No idiotic male chauvinism nor bigoted discrimination ALLOWED! No ideological nor religious motivated terroristic stupidity ALLOWED! No xenophobic isolationism, dumb criminality, abusive exploitation or violence against women and children, nor avaricious global exploitation of humanity ………ALLOWED!
    -Bobby Seale

  7. Yow IzaakMak, Two people together whatever the gender is natures intend… marriage is a paper licence to say you are a couple committed to one another… Nice thought… too many weddings I have attended to over the years have all but dissolved into nasty court cases filing for divorce with the kids suffering the most. I’m happy to have single status. Oh my, am I gay now?

  8. Finally! Love = Love despite gender! Period!

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