It’s Only A Baby!

Imagine, you go out for a romantic meal with your girlfriend when a baby starts crying at the table next to you. Thirty minutes later it’s still crying. So you tell the parents that the baby is probably tired and irritable because its 10 o’clock at night and it might help by taking it outside for awhile. As a thank you the baby’s father grabs your bottle of wine from the ice bucket and smashes it over your head. Brilliant! That’s two and five 5 months jail right there Billy West.

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “It’s Only A Baby!

  1. Onya daddy….too many nannas in this world…..

  2. hah…the article said he was remorseful. That’s why he was hiding in his neighbor’s laundry.

  3. You know that mommies and daddies deserve a night out too right? Rob and I REGULARLY take our kids to fancy restaurants late at night during cranky hour…. it helps us connect as a family unit!

    • Fairy Face

      This happened to friends of mine so when the baby started they lit up ciggies and blew all the smoke the families way. They moved and quick. Seems they didn’t like the snowflake getting smoked to death. Didn’t matter that it was driving others nuts with it’s wailing.

  4. Crying baby in restaurant = romantic mood killer and appetite suppressant.

  5. Dont forget it is also a GREAT birth control measure!!

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