Attention Loons

We break in normal transmission to announce the Friggin Loon will be broadcasting from Tasmania for the next few days.

Psst Does anyone know if they have internet connection?


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8 responses to “Attention Loons

  1. I hear someplace called “Joe’s Beanery” has something called a ‘modem’. Might help?

  2. Gee wiz…the national broadband network does not go to Tasmania….There is a morse code facility at Port Arthur….It was put in after the mass murder shoot out. Good luck Loon…enjoy the trip…

  3. World-wide-loon!
    Have a safe trip! And lots-o-fun, too!

  4. Tasmania?! Watch out for the wild wombats. I warned them that you were coming. They said they would celebrate, but I wasn’t exactly sure what they meant by that.

  5. Tasmania ?

    Jeez, the Australian Penal system really sucks !

    Any chance of early release for good behaviour, Loon ?

  6. Fairy Face

    Oh God, there is only once place worse than Tassie to visit and that’s New Zealand bro ! lol. No it’s actually beautiful in Tassie Loon. Lots of great old homes to visit and lots of very different antiques. If you see a wooden music box with little silver butterflies moving up and down buy it for me and I’ll pay you handsomely when you get back.
    Also visit Launceston and Hobart Casinos. We stayed at a place called Rutherglen Resort and there was a singles night there so we joined in. If you stay in the bush the kangaroos come up to the door in the morning so beware!
    Enjoy your stay.

  7. Amy

    Please do not pet a thorny devil if you see one. They’re prickly little sons of…. mother thorny devils. We don’t need you injured.

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