Nip and Tuck

Oh boy, being the favorite son and heir apparent to North Korean despot Dear Leader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rumors are circulating that Kim Jong Eun has gone under the knife 6 times in an attempt to look more like his granddaddy, Kim Il Sung. The plastic surgeries happened between 2007-2010.




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6 responses to “Nip and Tuck

  1. Going for that ‘perfect nose’ can be a real Thriller, er,um, killer, that is.

  2. They made him look significantly older, too.

  3. Fairy Face

    Sucked the fat out of his ass and stuck it in his cheeks

  4. A pig head? Well done plastic surgents…..

  5. I don’t know about you…but I am turned right on now! someone hold me back! I have a thing for chubby miserable assholes…

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