That Ain’t No Water Cannon!

Oh dear lord, an Ohio woman has been accused of spraying breast milk at cops. And No silly, it wasn’t from a bottle! Stephanie Robinette got into a little domestic with her hubby during a wedding before locking herself in a car. When police tried to get her out she lifted her right breast from her dress and proceeded to spray them with milk. Enter more police. Eventally Robinette was removed from the car and arrested. Sheez, talk  about upstaging a wedding!


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2 responses to “That Ain’t No Water Cannon!

  1. Sounds like the Hobo wedding I attended last weekend! Good times…

  2. How many cops does it take to remove a wild milk spraying tit sqeezing half naked bride from the back seat of a car to arrest her for flashing boob? In the USA? Many…..Gee ….they are such laughable dickheads…no doubt geared up with peper sprays, handcuffs, tasers and not to forget the loaded guns…blahahahaha what losers….

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