Rapist Just Can’t Help Himself

I hate my job!

Oh for crying out loud, as a woman was giving a detailed account of her rape in court the alleged perpetrator, Przemyslaw Jakubowski,was masturbating in the dock. The only witness to Jakubowski’s vile behavior was a female translator sitting next to him who reported it to prison guards. Needless to say she refused to continue translating.

Psst He got 15 years

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Rapist Just Can’t Help Himself

  1. The poor bastard is a sick puppy to have commited the rape in the first place…what do the courts expect…some well behaved, well dressed, tuned in dude?….stupid translater needs to keep her blinkers on and stop looking at the dudes crutch if she is going to translate rape cases in court…. gee….next

  2. Amy

    Reminds me of the court scene from the movie “Devils Advocate”. Good movie, but that scene was disturbing to me.

  3. sexy… this guy is a keeper!

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