Honey, I Think He Likes You!

You can have her!!!!

Note to self, when going on a journey to a remote village in Papua New Guinea make sure you pack an arrow proof vest or you could be spending a great deal of time pulling friggin arrows out of your chest. Don’t believe me? Well just ask New Zealander Matt Scheurich who got pinged with a few of them after a Febi tribesman got the hots for his French girlfriend and wanted to marry her.Fortunately they had an emergency beacon that alerted a missionary air service and flew the injured couple to safety. Mr Scheurish had two arrows removed from his chest.

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “Honey, I Think He Likes You!

  1. Got pictures of the girl?
    Just curious if she’s worth taking an arrow or two for.

  2. See this is why you date the UGLY girls… No other guy will steal her and she will put up with your asshattery because she knows she is lucky to have you… signed Ms. Ugly herself!!

  3. All Kevlar, all the time.
    Just how I do it.

  4. I guess they weren’t love arrows.

  5. What? No cupids involved?….bummer deal….

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