Loon Has Landed

Yep, the Loon is in Tassie having survived a friggin propeller plane journey across the Straits. I swear we were passed by a flock of seagulls and a slow moving albatross. Anywho, I am now in the Coachman’s Cottage freezing my friggin tootsie’s off. Dear god, no TV!!!! Help!!!!


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10 responses to “Loon Has Landed

  1. enjoy the deep freeze Loon….OMG…. gotto go now….. news just breaking….OMG…you have a fax machine there Loon?

  2. Is a coachman’s cottage a nice way of saying trailer park??

  3. Sounds kinda’ like an aerial version of the opening scene from Office Space.
    Remember, try to keep those toes moving. Frost bight can do terrible things to loons…

  4. 100 degrees here today with plenty of humidity.
    I have a TV, but that friggin sucks too.
    Hooray for air conditioning.

  5. No TV sounds like paradise to me. Have a good stay!

  6. Freezing??? What??? It’s July!!! It’s nice, at least it’s not too hot like that rotten summer season

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