Greetings From A Roof

Apparently the only way to get a decent internet connection in Tassie is to climb on the roof, which is OK, if my ass didn’t stick to the roof tiles. Yes, I am wearing pants!!!! Anywho, apologizes for lack of posts will be back to normal in a few days.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, I'm Just Saying !

14 responses to “Greetings From A Roof

  1. YOu should go to Tony’s house. He seems to have a good connection

  2. Careful you don’t come down with a case of shingles.

  3. The Tasmanian wombats have taken control of the internet and are holding it hostage until our demands are met.

  4. Do you see any corpses up there??? The roof is where we hide the bodies of mainlanders who try & use out good Internet connections

  5. The Friiggin Loon “back to normal”?
    How would one define normal for a Friggin Loon?

  6. OXYMORON sekan the loon is ABnormal. And I agree with Tony, only dead things end up on the roof.

  7. Careful, Loon… make sure you’ve got a secure perch over there…

  8. Fairy Face

    Tassie Devils would have to be the ugliest bloody creation! EEEEK !!!!

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