Casey Anthony Innocent?


OMG, so if Casey Anthony didn’t kill her daughter Caylee, who did? In a stunning turn of events the jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her daughter, instead convicted her of lying to investigators. The case received world wide attention after the decomposed body of two year old Caylee was found after her grandmother reported her missing. During the investigation Casey Anthony changed her story numerous times about the whereabouts of her daughter ,who had been missing for a month before the grandmother notified police.

Psst I assume this means double jeopardy and another innocent victim goes into the unsolved files.


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12 responses to “Casey Anthony Innocent?

  1. I’m dumbfounded and disgusted by the verdict. Has everyone in America gone insane? šŸ˜¦

  2. Somebody get a rope!

  3. I was stunned. I was so that there could not be 12 morons picked on 1 jury. I was wrong.

  4. themadchuck

    Nice blog bro. This is my best explanation as to how guilty she was and how wrong the jury was. People who believe that Casey Anthony didn’t brutally murder her daughter are the same idiots who think that O.J. is innocent.

  5. Absolutely shocked!!!

  6. Which trailer park was the jury chosen from? Oh? The trailer park where the judge lives? So what is the name of this trailer park? America? Hmmmm.

  7. Words cannot describe my distain for that b!tch! I just wish I could punch her in the face. Maybe I’d feel better, but probably not.

  8. I think she is guilty… the problem is that all the evidence against her was circumstantial and that ALWAYS leaves reasonable doubt! Don’t worry Karma’s a bitch… and she will get hers! just sayin…

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