Gay Hazard

Lordie, lordie, lordie, two disabled gay men were told they weren’t allowed to swim at a public pool and recreation center in Hazard , Kentucky,  because the Bible said so.  Yep, one of the staff told them that according to the Bible, gay people weren’t allowed to swim  in their public pool. The two distraught and confused men eventually left in tears. Hmm, it gets worse, city officials are refusing to change their anti-gay laws. Sheez, I hope they gave them cooties!


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6 responses to “Gay Hazard

  1. Sounds like there should be a gay pool party there.

  2. Kentucky…USA….Bible ….losers..enough said….

  3. I’m thinking back to all the bible stories about pools.

  4. Sounds like some pool attendants need to take some Bible classes…
    and should probably learn that you can’t apply biblical laws at swimming pools.

    I wonder if they let in swimmers who wear blended fabrics, or have less than 20/20 vision? (Deut. 22:11, Leviticus 21:16-23).

  5. didn’t you know gaydom is spread through direct pool water contamination!…. Why are some people so freaking backwards??? Gay is not an illness!

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