Now How’s She Suppose To Breast Feed?


Oh for crying out loud people, a woman has pleaded guilty to twisting off her daughter-in-law’s nipple during a drunken brawl. Yep, that’s right,  according to the police report, when the victim untucked her tank top “her nipple fell on the floor”. Egads! Ouch! Evidently Amelia Love Oveide grabbed her daughter-in-law’s breast when she tried to intervene during a drunken argument between Oveide and her son. Oveide wouldn’t let go of the nipple until the victim started punching her in the face. Now the poor woman can only breast feed from one side.

Psst Christmas will be awkward!

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Now How’s She Suppose To Breast Feed?

  1. I guess her insurance doesn’t cover nipple reattatchment.

  2. Don’t piss off a pissed Austrian!

  3. Fairy Face

    OMG how bad is that? The Mother In Law from hell !!!

  4. It could have been worse.

    She could have untucked her tank top and had her nipple fall on the floor even though everything’s still attached.

  5. Geez, I didn’t even know that possible! Can you imagine the pain involved not to mention the shock of seeing your own nipple fall to the floor! Weird werid post.

  6. Trailer trashers need to stop breeding…no nipple required…infact they should remove to other as well….better balance…prob solved..

  7. Who tucks in a tank top.

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