Who’s The Chump Now Fools?

Moral of the story…… never give a chimp an AK47!


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Friggin Wildlife

9 responses to “Who’s The Chump Now Fools?

  1. Jeez! That was friggin’ scary!

  2. Damn….Poor monkey missed his targets…

  3. HA!
    Just imagine what that little guy could do with a tank!

  4. Fairy Face

    My sister’s father in law thought that’s what Gorilla Warfare meant.
    He’s a Serb so what do you expect.

  5. It would have been bloody hysterical if he’d hit a couple of those idiots!!

  6. Whoa that was impressive!. But can he field strip, clean and reassemble it? where do yoou find this sh!t Loon?

  7. Who’s king of the jungle now?

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