Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt


OK, here’s the thing neo-Nazi skinhead with racist tatts all over your body, don’t be trying to pick a fight with an African American wearing a t-shirt with “Spokane Boxing Club champion.” clearly printed on it, you’ll be friggin sorry. Daren C. Abbey, a white supremist skinhead confronted Marlon Baker at a bar in Idaho. Mr Baker, who didn’t want no trouble, walked away but of course Mr Abbey was cruisin’ for a bruisin’and began taunting him with racial slurs. That’s when kapow, Baker punched the fool in the facing knocking him out cold. When he regained consciousness Abbey was handcuffed, arrested and charged. Embarrassed much?

Psst Seems despite Mr Baker’s t-shirt, he has never boxed professionally.


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15 responses to “Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt

  1. Well done Mr Baker…..Shame you didn’t send Mr Abbey Scum to meet his maker..

  2. Haha
    This is my happy thought for tonight.

  3. Fairy Face

    Well I’d love to have seen it in real life !

  4. Wait, what was he charged for? He was the one who got hit. Did he also hit the other guy?

    I don’t agree with being a racist but I am pretty sure one can’t be arrested for name calling.

    There’s got to be more to the story.

    • Will737

      Continuing racial attacks, even if only verbal, and threats of “I’m going to stab you.” are crimes. He was booked for the crime of “Assault.” He could have also been booked, and can still be prosecuted for, for “Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Assault and Conspiracy to commit Assault with a Deadly Weapon.” You being “pretty sure” that words can not be a crime just shows that you have not been to law school. Believe me, law enforcement has lots of tools in almost every jurisdiction. If I knew the local statutes I bet I could come up with a whole bunch of crimes to charge this brainless NAZI with. It rather reminds me of the asshole who called Senator Boxer’s office with a threat–now that clown is going to be in a world of hurt. There are special Federal Statutes for that one. Make no mistake. Threats are crimes. They can be prosecuted.

  5. Fairy Face

    No but he was harrassing him so he gets a few days in the cooler for his trouble WIN WIN !

  6. Who cares what he was charged with. Just take him to jail and throw him in with Queen Buba. It’s just too bad there isn’t an IQ test to become a skin head. Your IQ must be higher than your age. If there were such a test there would be no skinheads, just dumbasses, which is what we used to call them.

    • Dumbasses? Americans then…. Fact…American people have one of the lowest levels of education on the planet. …This was so designed by your pretend elected leaders who want to control you and the rest of the World…..They are doing a good job of it so far… These leaders own and control the central bank who lends its worthless printed paper money with interest to the Nation. This lending covers the expenditure of your wars…Just the aircon for your troops in Iraq and Afghanistan was $20 billion last year alone… Weapon expenditure last year was over $300 Billion…. Gee Bush’s and Cheyney’s are getting very very very rich..After all the Bush family own the weapons factories and pharmaceutical companies…these companies are a money making match made in heaven…..hmmm…. oh… Dick Cheyney is the CEO of Halliburton….A concrete pour company that now operates in the Oil and Gas fields. Halliburton are also the company cracking natural Gas on the East coast of the USA killing thousands of people by destroying their water supply…and in due time turning the entire East coast into nothing more than an unlivable waste land….Not even Bill gates with his $400 billion personal wealth gets into this club murderers…Yes… Michael Scott…Dumbasses it is…. stop me…. I’m ranting….

      Mega wikileaks….. 🙂

    • I actually offer this IQ test at my site. It is for skinheads and non-skinheads. I don’t discriminate. If you are interested then just check out the tabs at the top 🙂

  7. He will be spending time in a place with guys who wear the “If you can read my shirt, you are now my bitch” shirts.

  8. Sadly this will just deepen his and other like minded people’s resolve… will “prove their point” … they never see things as they actually are…


    ok people…here’s the deal. I was there. My name is Lisa. I am the one who invited Marlon to go to Bayview. It is amazing how things snowball. First of all, no fighting took place in the bar. Daren followed us to our spot by the lake (which was quite a ways from the bar). A guy at the bar came up to us and informed us that he overheard the skinheads planning to stab Marlon. I suggested we leave immediately to avoid trouble. Daren followed our butts and sat down in our “camp”. From there, Daren threatened Marlon and told him he had to leave and couldn’t watch the fireworks. This is when the altercation took place and Marlon refused to leave. As soon as I saw Daren (the skinhead) trying to have a conversation with Marlon I knew there was going to be trouble. He got what he deserved, no doubt. Just ask all of the witnesses that were there. Any other questions???? Just ask.

    • Thank you for the claryfication Lisa…Marlon is my hero for flattening that skinhead dickhead…sorry that he did not finish the low life off altogether…People like Daren have no place in any society…bring on the death penalty for sick skinheads, nazi’s and KKK members… many problems would be solved….

    • Anonymous

      No questions here, Lisa, and if you can possibly pass this on to Marlon:
      Sorry that you had to do to it, but bravo for doing what you did all the same. Thanks for that bit of justice all the best to you and yours.
      – from someone who was born and raised in Spokane and loves Idaho

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