Crime That Shooked A City

A nightmare no parent should ever have to face. The disappearance of 8 year old Leiby Kletzky from a day camp in Brooklyn has turned into a murder investigation after a suspect, Levi Aron, allegedly confessed to the murder and then showed police the butchered remains. Leiby had vanished  after leaving the Yeshiba Boyan School and was last scene talking with a man. Sadly, his mother was only a few streets away waiting for him. When detectives came a knocking on Aron’s door they were horrified to learn that not only had Aron murdered the child he had used three carving knives to cut up the body. Some of the remains were in Aron’s freezer while the rest was in a dumpster. It is unclear of the motive and appears it may have been a random act. RIP Leiby Kletzky.


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2 responses to “Crime That Shooked A City

  1. Fairy Face

    I read this on the net this morning and felt physically ill. Poor little man, RIP. I swear to God I’d have no problem necking a child killer.

  2. but those one “flew over” mental institutions are not good and need to be closed right??

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