One Dumbassed Cat vs 2 Green Apples

Introducing one dumbassed cat and two green apples …. spot the fruitcake!


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12 responses to “One Dumbassed Cat vs 2 Green Apples

  1. Fairy Face

    A Scottish Fold. Beautiful !!!!

  2. As soon as the apples are moved, the dumb ass cat will piss and shit all over the bed to mark it’s territory.

  3. I love how the musical score matches the movements of the cat. How did they do that?

  4. Pfft.. I give a similar reaction when I see green apples, those things are sour!!!! I agree with Scholar Mel, the timing of the music was perfect.

  5. This totally looks like the sort of thing my psychotic cat would do…
    if she wasn’t so friggin’ lazy.

  6. One of the greatest books ever written….”101 things you can do with a cat”….Turn them into slippers is one. Another is use them as oven mittens….priceless…..Cats are sleazy, lazy and good for nothing ….useless creatures parading as man’s best friend….Ok..moving on…

    • Fairy Face

      You haven’t met Louie yet. He’s priceless. I was having a bath before and all I could see was a big grey paw coming over the top of the bath.
      He’s a big British Blue boy and is 8 Kilo! Beautiful big copper eyes that just stare at you as if you are the most intriguing human on the planet.
      Louie would get in with you. He’s such a people person/cat.

  7. Green apples can be very very dangerous!

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