How To Deactivate a Cat

How to deactivate a cat my ass. My cat would have ripped my friggin arm off , had me in a head lock and removed my spleen before I could put a friggin mega clip on the back of its neck. Cats are the devil’s henchmen for crying out loud. Why doesn’t anyone see !!!!!


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10 responses to “How To Deactivate a Cat

  1. That cat seems pretty deactived already. by the way, I HATE the new wordpress comment section..assholes.

  2. There has to be a huge market for those clips…cool…I have some friends….ah never mind….

  3. That cat was on drugs. Had to be.

  4. A cat will go completely docile when you take them by the scruff of the neck. You’ve seen pictures of female lions and such picking up their young to carry them around. The clip is a substitute “mouth” and as soon as the cat felt it, it went limp and didn’t fight.

  5. I had heard something about rubbing somewhere behind a cat’s ears comforted them, but wow!
    Loon, I didn’t know you had a cat. You learn something new about the Austrian lifestyle everyday.

  6. All robotic cats have that secret deactivation button.

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