Three Year Old Accomplice

I need a lawyer!

OK, sweetie, honey, darl, taking your 3 year old with you to hold up a bank is kinda stupid, especially when he won’t stay in the friggin getaway minivan.Yep, Cherilyn Lopez had left the tyke in the car while she toddled off to do her business but he was having none of that. He got out and walked into the bank just in time to join his mom in the robbery. She later dropped him off at daycare before heading off to buy some prescription pills. That’s when the cops spotted the mini-van.

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “Three Year Old Accomplice

  1. Lock that little shit up and throw away the plastic door knob.

  2. Mommy had a very full day, didn’t she? In retrospect, it perhaps would have been wiser to drop the kid off at daycare first.

  3. When my mom told me to stay in the car while she went inside I always suspected she was up to no good. Maybe I was right.

  4. There’s a right case to make sure that woman does not ever have children again!

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