Honeymoon OVER

Look away men, this is nasty. A Bangladeshi man who kidnapped and married a minor was forced to walk around naked with a brick tied to his penis as punishment while the villagers looked on. Nice fatwa! Evidently the man had taken the 12 year old and forced her into marriage but bless her soul she escaped and dobbed the bastard in.


Filed under Sore Loser, That's Gotta Hurt, Well I Never

4 responses to “Honeymoon OVER

  1. And the name of the town Loon? This is a photo opportunity too good to miss…
    Holiday in Bangladesh? Maybe not….move on…forget it,,,cancel

  2. Wow mature little girl… last I checked the grown women who are upset about a man chop of their peni and chop them up in some form or another…

    He’s lucky he gets to keep his member!

  3. Not justice- but close!

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