New York, New York

Holy flying hair weaves Batman, a fight on a New York subway between two women not only got ugly but one of the ladies involved in the altercation forgot she had a baby in a stroller. Poor little tyke rolled right out the train door as the women hair pulled and bitch slapped each other. Despite passengers screaming at her to get her baby she was intent in winning the fight.

Psst I hope that was a weave on the floor and not a subway rat?



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7 responses to “New York, New York

  1. oh…. the firey English… no wonder their snowflakes grow up demolishing the football stadiums… dickheads… moving on …the baby did…:)

  2. WHY do women insist on pulling hair? A good old right hook works much better!

  3. Amy

    Zoiks! Look out Robin… runaway stroller! Thank goodness for the forethought of nosey people watchers to video this so that I can instantly feel like mother of the year. I hope the poor baby was pushed right into social services. Sidenote: Is it a little too much to ask for that the vocabulary of fighting hussies be broadened? I’d like to hear a bitch fight dubbed using long word-of-the-day type fashion. Excuse me a moment while I get my thesaurus and look up fuck and bitch. Stay tuned for new screenplay….

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