Maximum Sentence For Norwegian Gunman is 21 Years

Probably the worse tragedy following the Norwegian massacre is that Anders Behring Breivik is only likely to receive 21 years in jail because of Norway’s very liberal criminal laws. That is roughly 84 days per victim!

Psst Breivik has confessed to police he was behind the massacre.


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7 responses to “Maximum Sentence For Norwegian Gunman is 21 Years

  1. Fairy Face

    Perhaps now is the time to rethink those very liberal criminal laws

  2. It ought to at least be a possibility of parole after the 21 years, not a sure thing, depending on how safe it is to let him out and his mental state. If he knew what he was doing was wrong and he killed that many people in an obvious plot, they should be locking him up forever.

  3. The man needs to be locked away in a mental asylum not be given a friggin prison term… Geee…

  4. You shouldn’t get a bulk discount for murder. 21 (or even 7) years per victim wouldn’t be so ridiculous.

  5. I feel like the Red Queen here.
    I mean, I am ok with the 7 yr parole 21 Max as long as it is done after a beheading,
    Sorry to the liberals.

  6. frank

    That’s why they say the Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!

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