You Heel!


A woman has been charged with murder after plunging her stiletto into her boyfriend’s noggin. Thelma Carter and Robert Higdon from Atanta , Georgia, were allegedly fighting when the incident happened.


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7 responses to “You Heel!

  1. Fairy Face

    She must have watched that movie where the woman did the exact same thing but the dude died. I can never remember the name of it, however she had short red hair and an equally short shiny slutty raincoat and a very high pair of stillettos.

    • I was thinking of this movie when I read this post! The woman cut and died her hair like her best friend’s. Then she went into her best friend’s boyfriend’s hotel room and did things to him.

      She tricked him and then she killed him with her heels.

      I don’t remember the name of the movie either.

      • Fairy Face

        That’s the one. When you say she did things to him, she wore the same scent as his girlfriend and he was very sleepy at the time and didn’t really notice her face as it was in his crotch lolol. Yep that’s the one Scholar Mel.

  2. Is this what women mean when they refer to breaking a heel?

  3. “Allegedly fighting?” They weren’t fighting. She was just dancing on his head.

  4. Women wearing stiletto’s should be charged for carrying dangerous weapons. At least our ladies here in Aussie wear thongs. For all you yankee doodles out there….thongs are flip flops not the string thingy that women wrap between their bud cheeks. We can slipper slap each other without injury or pain. We kill flies and mosquitos with them not boyfriends. Our kids wrap them around their arms and use them as floaties for swimming. We use them to slide along the marble shopping mall floor when we hit a wet spot. We have that many of them littering our beaches that no homeless person has to walk around without the Aussie Icon footwear. Ban stilletto’s and make thongs (flip flops) compulsary for all Americans. And for God sake get rid of your friggin guns folks. Problem solved… 🙂

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