Love Thy Neighbor

Edward Jimmis is highly unlikely to win citizen of the year after he put a wreath on the back of his garage door with a handmade sign which read “Glad you have canser. So die stupid.” (and no , he can’t spell very well either). The target was his next door neighbor, Bob Gold, who is fighting cancer. When police asked the cold hearted Jimmis to remove the sign he refused because technically he wasn’t breaking any laws. Evidently the two had a falling out! It was only after a news reporter rocked up that Jimmis switched the sign to “Love your neighbor”.


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4 responses to “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. Yikes.
    Remind me not to borrow Ed’s ladder.

  2. Fairy Face

    OMG he reminds me of our old neighbours David and TAAAAANYA remember them? He got pissed off when I casually mentioned to TAANNNYA that she shouldn’t leave three dogs howling in the yard for a week while they went on a seven day cruise. She’s 50 and still on IVF. Such people should not be allowed to beed. Thank you GOD, so far so good!!! lol

  3. Lynn

    First of all I thinking somoene would have to be pretty mean spirited to post that sign.

    First I have to find an online British to English translator in order to understand Madhatter’s blog posts. Now I have to find an Aussie to English one as well. Tell me Loon, what does “rocked up” mean?

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