Here We Go Again


Holy global panic Batman. Stockmarkets around the world have plunged raising fears we are heading for a new world recession. Egads! America, Britain and Australia have all been left battered and bruised with billions wiped off their stocks. The meltdown is being blamed on Europe’s failure to dig themselves out of their finacial hole and America’s , well you know, 15 trillion dollar debt situation which could throw them back into a recession anytime soon.  Happy Birthday Mr President


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6 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. Buy silver bars and stock up on canned food while you can still afford it…down size your vehicle to a Viper scooter….Keep your cats Loon…they may come in handy one day……you have been warned….. Love Mega…

  2. I’m stocking up on chocolate and wine gums. At least I’ll be happy.

  3. Fairy Face

    I’ve never ever tightened my belt when we have recessions that we just have to have. I never seem to notice any difference.

  4. Back into a recession? I’m not so sure we ever left it.

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