A New Jack The Ripper Suspect

Well, well, well, we have a new twist in the Jack the Ripper mystery. Spanish writer Jose Luis Abad is claiming the real Ripper was right under everyone’s noses…. it was Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard. Mr Abad,a handwriting expert, compared the handwriting found in the Ripper’s diary (discovered in Liverpool in 1992) with that of the chief inspector and viola, a match. Hmm, very suspicious considering that Scotland Yard is currently fighting a legal battle to withhold secret Ripper files compiled by Special Branch officers in the 1880s. The plot thickens.

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “A New Jack The Ripper Suspect

  1. Somebody needs to get Robert Downey Jr. on this thing already…

  2. Fairy Face

    No it has to be Robert Downey Jr. I’d put him on pause all night. I know he’s a bad boy but he’s just gorgeous. Those boyish good looks … er sorry I’m getting carried away…

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