Man Arrested Over Collar Bomb

Remember the Maddie Pulver “collar bomb” case in Sydney a few weeks back? Yeah, well, they have arrested a 50 year old man in Kentucky over it. NSW police have been working closely with the FBI to make the arrest. The man is believed to be an Australian bussinessman who commutes from Australia to the US. They have yet to release too many details but it appears to be an extortion plot and there is a link between the man and the Pulver family. Well that’s kind of embarrassing, dumbass didn’t even have a chance to list his demands.


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4 responses to “Man Arrested Over Collar Bomb

  1. Always has to come back to near Ohio doesn’t it?

  2. What the hell’s wrong with people these days? And now some idiots have released this “30 Minutes or Less” movie that is shockingly similar to the Brian Douglas Wells case from back in 2003!

  3. Julie

    Ok, so they got the bastard collared?

    We should have a bit of fun with him too …. put a pretend bomb around his neck, but don’t tell him it’s pretend of course, then you let him sit there for 10 hours, tell him if he sweats it’s going to go kaboom …. ūüėą

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