Nun In For A Shock

Damn, you win dad!

Imagine spending 84 years inside the walls of a convent without ever leaving? Well, 103 year old nun, Sister Teresita, has. Yep, the last time she left the convent, which is located 60 miles from Madrid,  was during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and then only in brief intervals of a few hours during fighting. But, drum roll please,  the spritely soul will soon leave the nunnery one more time to meet Pope Benedict XVI during World Youth Day (hmm, she kinda missed that boat!). Anywho, I hope she doesn’t forget to pack the sun cream!


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7 responses to “Nun In For A Shock

  1. I can’t help but wonder how much she knows about all the things that have changed over the years? Hell, or if she even cares?!?!

  2. Wonder if they watch Wheel of Fortune in the convent

  3. Fairy Face

    Fantastic. I wish some of the people I’m dealing with presently could make that trip. I’ve been visiting a Psych ward now for a little over 9 weeks and my book is on definitely on the way. Today Rosie told me her name is Karen but yesterday she was Emma. She’s 90 years old and those bitch nurses won’t let her smoke lol . They do, because I’ve seen her have her smoke…. then her Ventalin !!!! Crazy, ah well I suppose if you reach 90 what’s the worse thing that can happen to you? John H ( That’s what the sign on his door says) told me that his help in freeing Nelson Mandela was the highlight of his political career and meeting the queen at Buck house was a reward he will cherish forever. He also lays claim to being the best harmonica player in the world . Justina is 97 and has had a baby !!!!!! They gave her a doll and she talks to it, sorry, her, all day long and thinks that her own daughter is her sister so gives the baby to her “AUNT” to nurse. Yep that old nun needs to get out more. Not much happening in the convent, or is there?

  4. Nun?…scary….give me a clown anyday…blahahaha

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