Five Year Old In Cardiac Arrest Turns Out To Be a Friggin Cat!

OK people, one more time, 000, 999 and 911 are for “human” emergencies ONLY. British ambulance officers were stunned when they raced to an emergency call to save a “five year old” in cardiac arrest, only to discover the patient was a friggin cat. OK, sure, a much loved cat, but a friggin cat. The dispatcher received the call from a distressed couple who were begging for someone to revive their 5 year old. Not only was an ambulance called but also a rapid reponse car. When they arrived they found the couple in tears cradling their moggy (which later died). One of the paramedics was heard muttering “I’ve gone to some silly calls but nothing like this. I can’t understand why they didn’t try to call a vet.”


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10 responses to “Five Year Old In Cardiac Arrest Turns Out To Be a Friggin Cat!

  1. Fairy Face

    emotionally overwhelmed I guess. My son in law was beside himself when Louie, his British Shorthair cat jumped off the bed and broke a bone in his leg. If he wasn’t so friggin big it wouldn’t have happened. He’s friggin huge. Anywho, Bren was telling the vet .” save my cat at all costs”. Ka …ching Ka ..ching. !!!!! Not very wise words Brendan , when the vet saw the word
    ” Doctor ” on your credit card your bill doubled. I’m so glad I’m a Ms and poor. Lol

  2. It was probably the cat scan that cost so much.

    • Fairy Face

      LOL yeah probably. The best has yet to come . The vet told them to expect it on the other leg too as that’s what usually happens. Best let me take him to the vet next time. Ah poor loon, well at least Louie survived. Looks like your cat pretty much had it’s nine lives all in one hit.

  3. Dixie the Poodle

    That is just a insaynn fing to doo. Eevool poosy katz dont deezerv reskyoowing. Ambyoolanses shood be for emerjensees ownly. Lyk if sumwun is gunna barth a Poodle or yor hyoomans run owt ov doggy chocs for yoo

  4. Fairy Face

    This poodle needs speech “FERALPY”

  5. Maybe they need an emergency number for animals. But then every time you don’t feed your dog, he’d be on the phone.

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